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Google Reaches 100 Million Android Devices Milestone

Google announced yesterday during the Google IO developer conference that more than 100 million Android devices had been activated up till now, but did not give any updates or details with regards to what version of Android currently leads the pack.

The term "Android Devices" now includes more than just smartphones or tablets; there are already portable media players, netbooks and laptops running on Android with set top boxes, televisions and even desktops in the fray. By this time next year, Android products may include washing machines and fridges, embedded appliances, servers and much more.

Apple is likely to take a hard look at the figures since last April, the company stated in its financial report that it sold more than 189 million iOS devices over three different product ranges (iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch).

The company might take solace in the fact that it had sold only 10 devices with iOS onboard (ed : we don't know whether Apple included Apple TV whose OS is based on iOS anyway) and that it took Google more than 310 Android devices (and counting) in order to mount a credible threat to Apple.

The iOS was officially launched back in June 2007 while Android OS was launched in October 2008, 16 months later. We know that Sony Ericsson has shipped between 9 and 10 million handsets, while more than 10 million units of the Samsung Galaxy S have been sold as of January 2010.