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Google Releases Music Beta, Won't Allow Users To Share Music

Google has finally rolled out its own music locker and streaming service at the ongoing I/O developer conference in San Francisco.

Music Beta by Google, like Amazon’s recently launched Cloud Drive service, will let users store their entire music collection on the cloud. However, the service will offer more memory than what is being offered by Amazon.

Users will be able to access and stream their music files on any desktop or laptop via web. The company has also released an Android app for smartphones and tablet devices based on the popular platform.

Google, however, won’t allow its users to share music with their friends and purchase music as it failed to ink a deal with record labels. The company had been negotiating with record companies for a long time but then decided to launch the service without licenses, just like Amazon.

The company said that users will be able to listen music even when they are offline as the service automatically stores recently player music on their device.

“With the new service, your music and playlists are automatically kept in sync, so if you create a new playlist on your phone, it’s instantly available on your computer or tablet. You can use a feature called Instant Mix to create a playlist of songs that go well together,” the company explained, Smart Company reports.