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iPad Not Causing Weak PC Demand, Report Says

With the demand for PCs getting weaker and weaker some are blaming it on the rise of the tablet, with the iPad leading the charge. However, a new report from from The NPD Group, suggests the decline is not down to Apple’s slate.

It seems that nearly 75 per cent of iPad buyers weren’t choosing between an iPad and a PC at the time of their purchase. Thus, the iPad shouldn’t be viewed as a “PC killer”, but more as an exotic gadget that you’d love to have.

"The consumer PC market isn’t floundering because of the iPad, in fact, the rate of cannibalization is actually declining among more recent purchasers," NPD mentioned in the "Apple iPad Owner Study II."

The impact of iPad on PC sales has been an ongoing debate since last year, just in the previous month we had another report to support the allegation that it has had a crushing affect.

"Only 14 per cent of early iPad adopters (iPad owners of six months or more) abandoned a PC purchase for an iPad, and that dropped to just 12 per cent of iPad owners who purchased over the past holiday season. In fact, cannibalization of netbooks is actually down by 50 per cent among more recent iPad buyers, when compared to early adopter buyers", Stephen Baker, NPD's vice president, said in a statement.

Even if this new report comes to “defend” the iPad and the tablet market for not shattering the almighty PC and notebook sector, we can’t neglect the huge impact this emerging market has. We will see some serious damage done by tablets in 5 years from now, when the level of the competition will oblige big manufacturers to come up with more impressive devices.