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Martha Graham Google Doodle Slowing Down Computers?

Today's Google Doodle, which celebrates, the birth, life and work of popular dancer and choreographer Martha Graham, is apparently causing some computers to slow down.

A post on Google's support forum points out the fact that the Doodle is "so great" that it is actually interfering with Google's search engine functionality,

The post says that it causes Google to "respond slowly to key strokes and of course to actual searches."

We found it to be something that's particularly noticeable when you use low-power devices like a laptop or a netbook and when accessing the web on the move.

Another commentator said that he had to disable the background image on his Google homepage to be able to see the doodle which defeats the purpose.

Altogether, Google's new home page weighs in at a sizeable 316KB, of which more than half is down to a 188KB Javascript file.

That's about three times bigger than last year's big home page success, the Pacman game that appeared on Google's homepage back in May 2010.

Two days ago, Google celebrated the birthday of British author Roger Hargreaves who was made famous thanks to his popular Mr. Men and Little Miss series.