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Microsoft Releases Azure Toolkit For iOS Developers

Software giant Microsoft has released a Microsoft Azure toolkit that allows developers to build iOS applications running on its cloud computing platform.

The launch comes on the heels of the launch of Microsoft Azure toolkit for Windows Phone last month. The company also plans to preview the Microsoft Azure toolkit for Android based applications in June 2011.

The company said that developers will be able to utilise the full potential of the Azure cloud while making applications for iOS. Microsoft claims that developers will be able to create iOS applications much more quickly .

“As a common back-end, developers can use cloud services to share common requirements like device notifications, authentication, storage and even higher-level services like leaderboards,” Jamin Spitzer Senior Director, Platform Strategy at Microsoft wrote in a blog post.

“At the same time, developers can maximize the performance of each mobile device by writing client code that exploits each platform. As more and more mobile applications rely on back-end services, the cloud can become increasingly useful and strategic for developers,” he explained.

Microsoft is offering the Microsoft Azure for iOS tool kit for download on the Git-Hub hosting website.