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Microsoft Stops Location Data Logging On Windows Phones, Says Respects Privacy

In a quick response to all the privacy concerns raised against Smartphone manufacturers in the past few days, Microsoft Corp. has decided to put a halt on the location data logging and storing functions in its Windows phones.

The Smartphone industry, especially the two major stake holders Google and Apple recently came under furious attack from various circles following the discovery of location tracking software in their respective Smartphones.

The discovery of these features, meant to track down the physical location of all activated Smartphone devices, and then transmit them back to the massive database maintained by companies, came as a big shock to the users.

Subsequently, questions were being raised everywhere about the potential breaches in user privacy originating from such “back doors”.

However, Microsoft, with this move, has become the first in the line to reassure its customers with some concrete steps taken.

“At Microsoft, we believe that consumers should have control over the location information they share, and that the information collected should be narrowly tailored to support specific experiences on Windows Phone 7 devices,” the company president for Mobile Communication Business, Andy Lees stated in a blog post.

“Microsoft’s commitment to ensuring protection of consumer privacy is long-standing across all our products,” Lees added.