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Microsoft’s I’m A PC Ads Are Back

Microsoft is bringing back its, once very popular “I’m a PC” ad campaigns, the company revealed.

However, unlike the previous time, the company is targeting the customers using older Microsoft software instead of Apple.

The ad is aimed towards making people understand that if they think that their 4 year old PCs are doing a fair job, they are wrong as the new Windows 7 machines are a league ahead of the older ones as far as the performance factor is concerned.

The ad shows real couples who have the “wrong” assumption that their more than four years old PC was “good enough” finding out personal PC stores built in their own homes.

Apparently one half of the couples were trying to surprise the other. All the couples, in the end, get their hands on their own preferred PCs. The couples, when learn about the wide variety they are offered from Microsoft, turn out to be really glad to see a whole new world of amazing features that comes with the new Windows 7 PCs.

The new ads, featuring all “real people” started airing on a handful of networks including ABC, CBS and NBC since last night.