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New iPad 2 And iPhone HDMI Cable Is Coming

CNET reports that an HDMI connector cable will be available soon from third party manufacturers. The new cables will make it easier to connect an iPhone or iPad to an external HD display, and should cost less than the AV Digital Adapter and HDMI cable set which is required at present.

HDMI cables are now lighter, due to the chips manufactured by RedMere, which allow for thinner cables. The same company said they would produce silicon for the 30-pin connector to HDMI cables. The HDMI cable portability fits perfectly together with iPhone’s and iPad’s mobility. The cables will save space and users need not carry an extra adapter with them.

The new HDMI cable is all users need to connect their iPad 2, iPhone 4 or iPod to HD devices, and it should not cost more than $40. It will be interesting to see whether Apple decides to keep selling the Digital AV Adapter when the HDMI cables hit the market. Given the fact that these cables are manufactured by third party companies and constitute competition for Apple, it is highly unlikely that Apple agree to selling the new HDMI cables in their stores.

The connector cable should be available from June or July, though the company has not given an official date.