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Nokia Releases LinkedIn App For The Dying Symbian OS

Nokia has released a LinkedIn app for handsets based on Symbian 3^, which is now available for a free download from the Ovi Store.

The app is designed to work seamlessly with Symbian 3^ devices like the business oriented Nokia E7 and the upcoming E6 along with the Nokia N8 and Nokia C7, according to a press release.

The feature rich application comes with every functionality that LinkedIn offers on its website. Users will be able to access updates, use the all-important search function, see business connections, accept and manage invitations and have one-touch access to the inbox.

The app also comes with the Reconnect feature that lets users get in touch with people and build their network from scratch.

The Finnish mobile phone maker, which has seen a declining share in the smartphone market due to competition from Apple and Google, has decided to dump Symbian for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform.

Therefore, it is surprising to see that the company is concentrating on releasing apps and features to Symbian after it has decided to kill it. Nokia also plans to release a massive Anna update for Symbian, which could bring it up to par with other rival platforms.