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Noon News: iPod Nano With Camera, Anonymous Denies Involvement In PSN Hack, Free Samsung Galaxy Tablets At Google I/O

A photo of the 7th generation iPod Nano indicates that the company is planning to add a 1.3 MP camera to the miniature music player. The photo, which was procured by Taiwanese blog Apple.Pro, reveals that the company is planning to add a 1.3 camera to the tiny touch screen device but will remove the clip found at the back of the device.

Google unveiled the next major update to its Android Honeycomb tablet operating system at the I/O conference. The update will be immediately available on the Verizon Xoom 3G tablet device with other Xoom devices being updated in the coming few weeks, the company said.

Anonymous has denied any involvement in the recent PlayStation Network hack said that members could have been acting on their own. In an audio message to PSN users, posted on the group’s blog, the group maintained that it had nothing to do with the attack on Sony and that it is not involved in credit card theft.

In a pleasant surprise for Google I/O conference attendees, each of them will be getting a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Android tablets, the company announced. Google has offered freebies to the attendees of the I/O conference before, but this is the first time it gave away tablets instead of Smartphones.

A new study compiled by Consumer Reports sheds light on the usage of social networking platform Facebook and the data shared by its apps. The report claims that Facebook apps are sharing more data than users realize. The magazine said that when users link their Facebook accounts to websites like Huffington Post, CNN and The New York Times, they are using an app for that websites. The app has access to basic user information.