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Ofcom Asks Britons To Report Incidents Of Bill Shock

UK telecom regulator Ofcom wants Britons to report unexpectedly high mobile phone, land line and broadband bills received in the last 12 months.

Ofcom regulations mandate that telecoms provide a detailed account of their bills and contracts. However, the regulator believes that consumers are still facing high bills and wants consumer feedback to decide whether to impose further regulation on telecom service providers, The Guardian (opens in new tab) reports.

Consumers can submit their claims to Ofcom by June 14, 2011 from its website or via email, the regulator said.

The regulator’s move comes after it conducted a survey which found that 6 percent of mobile phone users in the UK received an unexpectedly high bill in the past one year. Meanwhile, around one fifth of the mobile phone users had received bills £100 more than expected.

The same survey revealed that 5 percent of consumers received unexpectedly high land line bills in the past 12 months while 9 percent received bills £100 more than expected.

Ofcom advised consumers to check whether the charges imposed by their service provider are correct, and said that before contacting the service provider they should check with every member of the family to see whether they are responsible for the high bill.

“If the charges are still not recognised, you should contact your service provider," Ofcom said. "It may be helpful to send them a copy of your bill, highlighting the relevant charges and the reasons why they are being disputed."