Report Claims Apple Will Not Ditch Intel Yet

According to new reports, Apple is likely to stick with Intel for its upcoming MacBook models.

The revelation has come at a crucial juncture when the market was flooded with all sorts of rumours and speculations about Apple planning to dump Intel and try something “new” by tying up with ARM, Nvidia, or even AMD.

A new report by the website Real World Tech is suggesting that Apple is not in a position to replace Intel with any of these chip-makers for at least two more years.

David Kanter of Real World Tech also pointed out in the report that Apple, in spite of approaching other chip architecture in the past, won’t be doing so at least for a little while now.

Kanter said that it cannot be guaranteed that the supposed replacement will eventually result in an upgrade of the specifications of the MacBook.

Moreover, adding more to the claims, Apple’s approach towards Thunderbolt data transfer technology that debuted on Macbook, will also prevent Intel being replaced for the time being - simply because ‘Chipzilla’ won’t let the technology to be used in ARM based models.

All being said and done, Apple fans will still have to wait till an official confirmation finally comes from the company.