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Samsung To Roll Out Android Updates Faster

Samsung has confirmed that it will work harder in order to bring the latest Android updates to millions of smartphones in its popular Galaxy range, after being criticised by its own users for taking so long.

Talking to Gareth Bavis of Techradar, Simon Stanford, the managing director of Samsung's UK and Ireland mobile division, said the company had recognised that there is a real problem after looking at the online feedback, and finding out that most of the criticisms they were getting was related to the Android 2.2 Froyo update.

The latter was released initially in some parts of the world and was gradually rolled out to other territories which heightened some users expectations as to when they would receive the upgrade (ed : especially as Apple already does it on the iPhone).

Samsung will therefore work with network partners in order to get the updates out faster and ensure that future handsets are build in a way that makes the update process easier.

At the end of the day, handset manufacturers are still on a learning curve and, as Stanford said, the day will come when updates will be pushed to handsets automatically over the air without the user having to go and look for them.