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Senator Grills Apple And Google, May Pull DUI Apps

Tech giants Apple Inc. and Google Corp. have agreed to review their controversial DUI (driving under the influence) checkpoint apps amidst severe pressure from various entities regarding the legal as well as moral aspects of these apps.

The apps which let users instantly access the registries of roadblocks and DUI checkpoints have been put under question by many because of their potential exploitation by criminals and drunk drivers to escape the hands of law.

The move taken by both the companies came after they were put thorough direct and intense questioning by Senator Charles E Schumer.

"Apple and Google shouldn’t be in the business of selling apps that help drunk drivers evade the police, and they shouldn’t be selling apps that they themselves admit are 'terrible',” the senator said in a statement (opens in new tab).

Earlier in March this year, Research In Motion had pulled off a similar app from their BlackBerry Smartphone app store following pressure from Schumer and other senators.

"Blackberry has done the right thing by removing these dangerous apps and today Apple and Google took a step forward by agreeing to review them and report back within a month," Schumer added.

Interestingly, till only a few days back, both Google and Apple were dismissing the “illegality” of these apps by saying that they did not violate the company policies.

Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina

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