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Spy Photo Shows 7th Generation iPod Nano With A Camera

A photo of the 7th generation iPod Nano indicates that the company is planning to add a 1.3 MP camera to the miniature music player.

The photo, which was procured by Taiwanese blog Apple.Pro, reveals that the company is planning to add a 1.3 camera to the tiny touch screen device but will remove the clip found at the back of the device.

It is heartening to know that the device will retain its iconic size but the absence of a clip could turn it into a design mishap. Sources told the Taiwanese blog that placing the clip at the back of the device will make it difficult to add a camera.

This is not the first set of rumors of Apple adding a camera to the next Nano. A spy photo leaked over a month ago showed a 7th generation iPod Nano casing with provisions made for a camera at the back.

According to Apple Insider, the Taiwanese blog has been right in predicting changes in each of the previous generations of the iPod Nano. The blog had earlier reported that the device will come with a tiny touch panel, which Apple went on to include in the sixth generation Nano.