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T-Mobile Accidentally Overcharges Thousands Of Customers, Admits Fault

Thousands of T-Mobile customers recently fell victim to a billing-error, being charged for calls they never made.

The telecom giant however,quickly accepted that an error in their systems had led to this glitch. In a statement released yesterday, it also apologised to the users for the inconvenience they had to go through.

The glitch ended up affecting almost 4 percent of the existing T-Mobile customers; the company has promised to refund the full amount they had to pay in addition to their original bills due to these glitches.

The matter came to light when a reader named Justin on the consumer website BitterWallet had noticed his phone bill carrying two unknown numbers that he hadn't called.

"Some T-Mobile customers wrongly received call forwarding charges when they used their voicemail," T-Mobile said in a statement, BBC reports.

“This problem has now been fixed. We'll be fully refunding every customer affected by this, a process which has already begun. We're really sorry and wholeheartedly apologise to any customers who have been affected by this issue," the company added.

Meanwhile, telecom regulator Ofcom has announced that they will investigate on users’ request any problem related to unexpectedly high bills.