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Ubuntu Switches Cloud Platform From Eucalyptus To OpenStack

Canonical has decided to dump the Eucalyptus framework from Ubuntu Linux’s cloud foundation in favor of the OpenStack platform.

The OpenStack is an open-standards-based cloud-computing platform established by NASA and hosting-services provider Rackspace.

Canonical said that OpenStack will be at the core of the Ubuntu Cloud and the latest Eucalyptus based Ubuntu Enterprice Cloud will not be impacted by this decision. The announcement was made during the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Budapest, Hungry.

“Eucalyptus will continue to be a available for download and will be supported by Canonical. Eucalyptus will remain within Ubuntu and will be available for users who prefer this technology,” Canonical said, The Register reports.

The company is expected to release OpenStack based Ubuntu Server 11.10 in October 2011. The company will also provide tools to allow users to migrate to Ubuntu Server 11.10.

“The Ubuntu team has been working closely with the OpenStack project and this will form a strong basis for Ubuntu Cloud product in the future. This decision clarifies the direction of Ubuntu Cloud over the next 12 months, as the project moves towards the long-term support (LTS) release in April 2012,” Canonical said in a statement.