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UK Government Launches Unified e-gov Portal Prototype

The UK government has launched a test prototype of a unified e-government website that will give Britons access to all government services from a single platform.

The prototype was unveiled by the Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude, who said that it was common practice for organisations to test websites before launching them it was a first for the UK government, ZD Net informs.

The website hopes to give Britons one-stop access to all the information and services offered by central governmental departments from a single platform. Currently, the government offers several websites to Britons which is naturally confusing for some.

The government said in a statement that it will save around have of the £130 million that goes into internet publishing by the government each year.

"Interacting with the government online is, with a few notable exceptions, lengthy, complicated and generally painful," Maude said in a statement.

"We inherited hundreds of websites all providing separate government services, which cost a lot and make it incredibly difficult to find what you are looking for. We are trying to change this,” he added.