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Zynga Hires Team Behind Cocos2d Game Engine

Zynga has acquired the team behind the popular game engine cocos2d, which it plans to continue developing.

The social gaming giant can now boast 13 new acquisition in the last 12 months; it's only been a few weeks since Zynga acquired the GodFinger Studio Wonderland, based in UK.

Experts are of the view that this latest acquisition of the cocos2d team will increase the company’s stake in the smartphone and tablet markets significantly.

According to the terms of the deal, two key developers from the cocos2d team named Ricardo Quesada from Argentina and Rolando Abarca from Chile, will be joining Zynga’s San Fransico office on Monday.

"We will be paying them to continue to develop the platform, as well as work on tools for Zynga, to make sure we can leverage the (platform) in the best way possible," Zynga's Chief Technology Officer Cadir Lee said in an interview, Mobile Entertainment (opens in new tab) reports.

He also said that the company is planning to develop a number of different game engines so that they more options to choose from.

"Over time, we're going to do more and more with a variety of game engines, whether it's 3D, HTML, 2D -- we want to make sure we have a complete portfolio," Lee added.