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Zynga teams up with Lady Gaga for GagaVille

Social game developer Zynga has teamed up with Lady Gaga to launch the pop princess' very own FarmVille area, which promises to be a Monster hit.

The popular Facebook phenomenon FarmVille will contain a GagaVille farm. There's something for all the little monsters out there to leave them Speechless, such as in-game unicorns, crystals, and, most important for farmers everywhere, sheep on motorcycles.

A number of 'surprises' are also promised, which goes without saying for any Gaga-inspired product. What these are is anyone's guess, but we're surely in for a Hair-raising event. One thing we do know is that there will be prizes up for grabs, including concert tickets.

Her upcoming album, Born This Way, will launch on FarmVille, with clips from her new songs that you can Just Dance to in addition to a hard day's toil on your virtual farm.

Lady Zynga, we mean Gaga, called GagaVille “a magical place”. She said she wanted to celebrate the launch of her new album “in a special way that's never been done before”.

The deal will ensure that both Gaga and Zynga will be Beautiful, Dirty, Rich, with an emphasis on the rich part. We wonder if the partnership will last or if it will be a bit of a Bad Romance. Zynga is clearly hoping that Gaga fans will end up donning their Poker Face for a round of Zynga Poker as much as they will sit listening to the new tracks.

A copy of Born This Way will be bundled with a special purchase of $25 of Zynga cards. Gaga is probably hoping this will be the Edge of Glory for her, but the unusual decision for an album launch might just mark the edge of sanity instead. The Paparazzi will no doubt soak it up. [Eh, eh, enough of the puns already - Ed.]

GagaVille will launch on May 17 and run until May 26.