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£20.99 Belkin Enhanced N150 Wireless Modem Router

The Belkin Enhanced N150 Wireless Modem Router is yet another powerful product from the Belkin International Inc., which lets you share your broadband internet connection with all available networked computers.

With the N150 in your tech inventory, you can easily share your documents, resources as well as streamed digital music with all the connected machines in your home, or office network.

The Enhanced N150 is inspired from the 802.11n technology and it boasts of 802.11 b & g certification.

The device is equipped with four Ethernet ports, ADSL, ADSL 2 & ADSL 2+ compatibility, Easy setup Assistant and troubleshooting with Network Status Display, Lifetime warranty from manufacturer as well as the ability to support Wi-Fi Protected Setup Push button for simple wireless security setup.

The system requirements are also bare minimum keeping in mind of the high performance level it potentially delivers. The minimum system requirement goes as - at least 1 PC with working network card and adapter, web browser, and validated TCP/IP networking protocol on each computer.

The maximum user limit for the device is 253 for LAN and 16 for WAN.

The Belkin Enhanced N150 Wireless Modem Router is available at 7DaysShop for an amount of £20.99 only.