AMNews: Ford Joins Forces With Google, 400,000 Android Devices Activated Daily, Apple And Intel

Automobile giant Ford is joining forces with Google to enhance the performance of its motor vehicles and engines, the company revealed. The deal was first announced at the recently held Google I/O Developers conference. Ford said that it is keen on applying the Google Prediction API in its own research to predict drivers’ behaviour on the street.

Search engine giant Google has decided to appeal against a ruling in Switzerland that ordered it to make the people and cars photographed for its Street View service unrecognisable. The company plans to make an appeal with Switzerland’s highest court, after the Swiss data protection watchdog filed a case against Google in 2009 for possible violations of Swiss privacy laws by the Street View service.

Google announced yesterday at its annual I/O developer conference that more than 400,000 Android-based devices - that includes tablets and Smartphones mainly - are being activated every day; that roughly amounts to 12m units per month or 36m per quarter.

Microsoft is bringing back its, once very popular “I’m a PC” ad campaigns, the company revealed. However, unlike the previous time, the company is targeting the customers using older Microsoft software instead of Apple. The ad is aimed towards making people understand that if they think that their 4 year old PCs are doing a fair job, they are wrong as the new Windows 7 machines are better.

According to new reports, Apple is likely to stick with Intel for its upcoming MacBook models. The revelation has come at a crucial juncture when the market was flooded with all sorts of rumours and speculations about Apple planning to dump Intel and try something “new” by tying up with ARM, Nvidia, or even AMD.