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Another iPhone 5 Scam Appears On Facebook

Facebook users should be very wary of any iPhone 5 ads on the social network, as another report of malware crops up. The link named "First Exposure: iPhone 5" is nothing but a scam and those who click on it actually help to spread the malware.

The bad link appeared on Facebook at the beginning of this month and takes advantage of people’s high interest in the next generation iPhone. At first sight, the scam looks like a news link about the iPhone 5 that is available at Once users click on that link they are redirected to another website where they are asked to type a word in a captcha window.

When you type in the word, all the persons from your Friends list are informed that you have posted a comment about the iPhone 5. Users are then asked to take part in a survey. Of course, this method is aimed at convincing people to check the link for themselves once they see that their friends have commented on the item.

This practice is called „clickjacking” and social networking site are the perfect vehicle. Facebook advises users not to click on strange looking links. Users should leave the site as soon as they see the captcha window since news sites very rarely require that as an identification method.