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F5 Launches Midrange Viprion, Virtualises Application Delivery

Application delivery services provider F5 has announced new hardware and software designed to allow companies easily deliver, manage and maintain applications in a virtualised environment.

First is the new addition to the Viprion product line, the Viprion 2400 Application Delivery Controller, which is a mid-ranged chassis-based hardware platform designed to give maximum performance and value for price to enterprise users.

According to the company, users of the new ADC will not have to change network, application, or device configurations in order to manage application delivery through it.

The company also announced the new Virtual Clustered Multiprocessing technology that has been designed to help clients consolidate and efficiently manage application delivery services.

The technology is based on the Clustered Multiprocessing technology that allows clients to run multiple instances of Big-IP software platform on a single device.

The company said the the vCMP technology will be able to run on the Viprion hardware platform, allowing clients to realise more benefits by offering additional features.

“The new VIPRION 2400 provides industry leading performance at an attractive price point for enterprises,” said Karl Triebes, SVP of Product Development and CTO at F5, said in a statement.

“VIPRION customers will be able to take advantage of F5’s vCMP technology, which enables IT staff to create independent and isolated virtual ADCs for each department, business unit, or client they need to support. This has a huge business impact because ADC resources can now be allocated to each group based on its unique requirements.” he added.