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Facebook app helps bands with unclaimed royalties

A Facebook app could help recording artists recover $5.3 million in unclaimed royalties for their music.

The app, called BandPage, allows artists to create fancier fan pages on Facebook, which in turn could gain them more exposure and support. The app's Facebook page sees close to 24 million visitors every month, highlighting just how popular it is amongst music creators and lovers.

Musicians normally need to register with the SoundExchange organisation, a non-profit group that helps distribute music royalties. Many artists are not signed up and therefore don't get the cash they're owed, but the maker of the BandPage app, RootMusic, decided to send the organisation a list of all the bands using its app, so that SoundExchange could track down those who are owed money.

It turns out that of the 150,000 bands signed up with BandPage, a whopping 7,462 of them weren't claiming royalties they were owed, reports Mashable.

There are a lot of band apps on the market, but BandPage now has the selling point of being able to potentially put more money in musicians' pockets.