Facebook Says Faulty API Did Not Result In Privacy Breach

According to new reports, Facebook has denied all the privacy breach allegations brought upon it by the security software maker Symantec.

Earlier on Tuesday, two researchers from the Mountain View, California based security firm claimed in a blog post that Facebook had had a programming error for several years that may have led to unauthorised access of user profiles, photos and chat messages by advertisers and other third party service providers.

The researchers' report claimed that the supposed breach originated from a faulty API in use by developers of Facebook apps, and also that it eventually led in to an accidental exposure of the “access tokens” which are like ‘spare keys’ to user profiles.

Facebook rejected any such breach, claiming that the Symantec report contains a "few inaccuracies."

"We appreciate Symantec raising this issue and we worked with them to address it immediately," Malorie Lucich, a Facebook spokeswoman reportedly said in an emailed comment, Computer World reports.

“[But] no private information could have been passed to third parties, and the vast majority of tokens expire within two hours."

She also said that no unauthorised usage of user-info has been discovered so far that violates the company’s policies.