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Google +1 Ready To Launch

Google recently announced that Google +1 will be unveiled soon, a move that is believed by many to be the search giant’s answer to Facebook’s “like” button.

The company made the announcement on Tuesday at the recently held Google I/O Developer’s conference in San Francisco, California, according to a report on Mashable.

Those who have been “fortunate” enough to have a closer glimpse of this new, and hugely anticipated feature, the +1 button won’t be much different from Tweeter’s tweet and Facebook’s “like” options.

The website Search Engine Land had previously revealed that the new Google+1 buttons will be launched by the company in seven different size and shapes. While some of these will carry the counters needed for measuring how many times the button has been clicked at, the others won’t.

Also, to provide publishers with this facility on their web pages, Google will introduce a simple form where upon the publishers can create these buttons by generating the required embedded codes.

The company however did not mention any official release date for the product. But according to sources, it is likely that Google+1 will make its debut somewhere towards the end of May or during the first week of June.