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Google, Ford Team Up To Design More Efficient Hybrid Cars

Automobile giant Ford is joining forces with Google to enhance the performance of its motor vehicles and engines, the company revealed.

The deal was first announced at the recently held Google I/O Developers conference. Ford said that it is keen on applying the Google Prediction API in its own research to predict drivers’ behaviour on the street.

By predicting driving habits Ford thinks it can optimise engine function leading to more efficient cars, electric and hybrid cars, which are designed to deliver maximum performance with the least amount of gas.

"We're really talking about making your car behave better with some knowledge of how it was used in the past," said Ryan McGee, an architecture and algorithm supervisor who works closely with Ford’s hybrid and electric vehicle programs, Information Week reports.

McGee clarified that this is not the announcement of a new Ford product line, though the company has tested the technology in a few of their prototype vehicles.

"We think the technology could be ready in the four to eight year time frame, but that's not a plan, more of a feasibility judgment," he added.