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Google Launches New App Engine For Developers

Google has released a new version of its App engine cloud computing platform which now comes with enterprise level features.

The release of App Engine 1.5 marks its move from preview status, with features that make it lucrative for enterprise customers.

In a blog post (opens in new tab), Google said that with App Engine 1.5 becoming an official Google product, the company will no longer offer the Google App Engine for Business, which was launched during last year’s I/O conference, as a standalone product.

Instead, several App Engine for Business features, including SLA, SSL for custom domains, SQL, Operational and Developer support and a new business oriented Terms of Service, will be rolled into the App Engine 1.5 by the second half of 2011.

Google said that App Engine 1.5 will offer 99.5 percent uptime service agreement to paid users, operational and developer support.

The updated platform will come with new features like Backend, used for running applications for a longer duration, Pull Queues, High Replication Datastore as default, mail API, code downloads and a new runtime environment.

The new engine will also come with new three different tiered pay schemes to be enacted later on this year.