Google Lobbying For Self-Driving Cars In Nevada

Google is trying hard, doing everything including political lobbying to make self-driving cars legal in Nevada, new reports suggest.

If Google succeeds in its attempt, Nevada will become the first state in the country to show the green flag to autonomous cars, capable of self-driving.

According to a New York Times report, the internet search giant has recently recruited one David Goldwater from Vegas to help the company in convincing Nevada legislature for clearing the legal constraints in this regard.

Goldwater, a leading lobbyist from the region is likely to be promoting a couple of measures expected to appear before the Nevada legislature within the coming 2 months. One - introduction of an electric-vehicles’ bill which will allow the company to license, and test its autonomous cars, while the second is an exemption from distracted-driving laws for letting users to send text messages while the car is on the move.

The report in the New York Times also claimed about Google acknowledging the fact that it is, indeed, being involved in lobbying for clearing the project.

Last month, the State Assembly had seen Goldwater- the “lobbyist” making strong arguments in the house where he claimed that autonomous cars, if allowed on the streets, would make the streets safer for human drivers, save fuel, as well as would bring more economic development.