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Google Opposes New Indian Internet Regulations

Google has opposed new rules put into effect by Indian internet regulators, claiming that it could harm the company.

The new rules, imposed by the Indian government this month, hold websites and internet service providers responsible for content uploaded by third parties.

The government rules require the websites and ISPs to remove content that is deemed objectionable, disparaging, harassing, blasphemous or hateful. Companies will also be requested to ban certain types of content.

A request for content takedown made by authorities has to be acted on within 36 hours, the rules state.

Google however, believes that the regulations could harm the company, as it would make it responsible for the content uploaded by third party websites and users. Offering access to millions of websites, Google would have to assemble a massive team to monitor the content available in India via its search engine.

“We believe that a free and open Internet is essential for the growth of digital economy and safeguarding freedom of expression. If Internet platforms are held liable for third party content, it would lead to self-censorship and reduce the free flow of information.” the company said in a statement, The Times of India (opens in new tab) reports.

“The regulatory framework should ideally help protect Internet platforms and people’s abilities to access information.”