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Huawei Wins Patent Suit Against Chinese Rival ZTE

Chinese telecom equipment vendor Huawei Technologies has won the first round of the legal battle against its rival ZTE over patent infringement.

ZTE Corporation, another major player in the Chinese telecom equipment market was earlier accused by the company of infringing their patent rights over some key technologies.

Huawei filed the complaint last month in April alleging that ZTE had infringed on the company’s patents for data card systems and LTE. ZTE retaliated with its own lawsuit, seeking action against Huawei for allegedly infringing their patents for LTE systems. The court quickly rejected ZTE's plea and granted the injunction to Huawei.

The ruling was termed as a victory for the company by a Huawei spokesperson.

"Huawei has received the injunction as part of our legal claim that ZTE is infringing on our trademark," the spokesperson said, The Register reports.

"We welcome the decision, which will protect our innovation and intellectual property," he added.

Huawei, which has traditionally sold equipment to other corporations, has been trying to move into consumer markets. Huawei is currently the world's second largest network-equipment manufacturing company, and a new deal with T-Mobile promises strong future growth.