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iPad And iPhone Manufacturer Faces Manpower Shortages

Foxconn, the iPhone and iPad maker, is apparently facing a shortage of raw materials and manpower at their plants in China, DigiTimes (opens in new tab)reports.

The crisis in the supply chain at the Chengdu facility in China could affect iPad 2 and iPhone shipments; right after it seemed Apple had managed to get to grips with the demand.

Foxconn hasn’t made any official statement regarding the labour and material shortage allegations, but have said that they’re doing their best to satisfy their clients’ needs.

Apple has said that they “are manufacturing the iPad 2 as fast as they can”, pushing the iPad 2 production to 2.5 to 3 million units per month.

In the first quarter of 2011, Apple sold 18.6 million iPhones, showing a 14.9% increase from the fourth quarter of 2010. The American company estimates even bigger sales for the second quarter, looking at 20 to 22 million iPhones being manufactured. Obviously, this has put even more pressure on Foxconn and its affiliates; not to mention the Japanese earthquake which has also messed up Apple’s production cycle.

Research firms have estimated that the iPad 2 could reach 7 million sales in the second quarter, as Apple tries to reach its 2011 goal of 35-40 million units.

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