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Late News: Google’s Market Share Falls, Hackers Spreading Malware Through Google Images, Microsoft And Skype

Google’s US search engine market share fell slightly in April, with Microsoft and Yahoo registering small gains. According to search engine metrics released by comScore, Google’s US search engine market share in April was 65.4 percent, down from 65.7 percent in March. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Bing search engine share grew 0.2 percent from 13.9 percent in March to 14.1 percent percent in April.

Google has opposed new rules put into effect by Indian internet regulators, claiming that it could harm the company. The new rules, imposed by the Indian government this month, hold websites and internet service providers responsible for content uploaded by third parties.

Hackers are using Google Images to spread malware-laden fake antivirus software, it has been revealed. The malware campaign has infected thousands of websites that are mined by Google for images. When unsuspected users click on an infected image they are re-directed to a website that lures them into installing fake antivirus software that opens back doors to their systems.

WordPress hosting service provider ZippyKid has inked a deal that will allow it to host its own services via RackSpace Hosting. ZippyKid offers premium services for bloggers, small businesses and online retailers, to host blogs and websites on WordPress. The company offers managed hosting services, including server administration and WordPress management.

Microsoft’s next step after its acquisition of Skype could be to make use of common connections. Prior to this announcement, Skype and Facebook had one common denominator; Marc Andreesen. Now, there are two. Andreessen’s venture capital firm, Andreessen Horowitz, was the lead firm in the buyout of Skype from eBay together with Silver Lake Partners.

Ravi Mandalia
Ravi Mandalia

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