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Mark Zuckerberg banned from Facebook

No, not that Mark Zuckerberg. But it seems in the wacky world of Facebook, there's only room for one Marky Z among the ranks of the 500 million-strong social notworking site.

Mark S Zuckerberg, a bankruptcy lawyer from Indianapolis told local television station WishTV that Facebook had removed his personal page, because his name was identical to that of its billionaire founder, Harvard dropout and celebrity cat-lover, Mark E.

It isn't the first time a Facebook user has found themselves unfriended by the social network in this way - back in January, 29-year-old Kate Middleton from Northamptonshire found herself right royally excluded after Facebook staff noticed she shared her name with the soon-to-be Duchess of Cambridge.

And quite unbelievably, it isn't even the first time Mr Zuckerberg of Indianopolis has had a run-in with the site's overly zealous identity police. The lawyer says he was forced to send the company copies of his driver's licence, birth certificate and Indianapolis Bar Association licence before they'd let him create an account in the first place.

You'll find the full story of Mark Zuckerberg's struggle to assert his identity on his website,

"If you had Googled Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, you would have found me. No one else," the attorney declares on his website. "If you had repeated the search two years later, you wouldn't have found me at all."