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Mobile App Lets Train Passengers Avoid The Queue

Train passengers will soon be able to purchase and download their tickets online with a new mobile app.

Chiltren Railways has become the first in line to adopt this entirely new national standard of mobile ticketing.

The application, which will relieve travellers from standing in the long queues in front of ticket counters, has been created by UK based tech company Masabi in collaboration with Atos Origin.

According to reports, more and more operators are signing up for this service and it should not be long before the service is available throughout the entire railway network.

For validation purposes, ticket inspectors will be equipped with a bar code capable of scanning these paperless digital tickets.

“This app places a ticket machine in the pocket of mobile phone users – providing an enormously convenient and user-friendly means of searching for train times and then buying and displaying tickets,” said Ben Whitaker, the chief executive of Masabi The Financial Times reports.

The idea has already pocketed a fair number of supporters who think that an effective mobile ticketing system will prove to be more efficient than purchasing tickets in person or on a PC.