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Mobile Twitter updated for phones

Popular social networking website Twitter has just announced it has started to roll out a new version of its website, for mobile phones and tablets.

Twitter has built the new version of the site from the ground upwards to support the more advanced web browsers, which support the latest technologies such as HTML5.

The core of the new web app is set to provide a high-quality and consistent Twitter experience on high-end touch screen devices, whether or not an official Twitter application is available at the time.

This new roll out will also cater for those who rather use the mobile website version of Twitter, rather than the app available for the mobile product.

Twitter’s new web app is much faster to use than previous versions, where it will be quicker to scroll through timelines and move between tabs – along with composing Tweets.

The new deployment of the website and subsequent app will be much richer as a result of the advance capabilities of those high-end device web browsers, with touch gestures and a much larger screen .

There will be access to the same features as expected from a Twitter app, such as timelines, @mentions and messages that can be read in conversation view, search and trending topics to lists – to name but a few.

Twitter’s new mobile site is being deployed to iPhone, iPod Touch and Android smartphones and to others within time – all by pointing the browser at

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Rob Kerr
Rob Kerr

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