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Research Claims iPad Not Responsible For Drop In PC Sales

The rising popularity of Apple’s iPad can’t be blamed for falling global PC sales, a research firm has claimed.

According to market research firm NDP Group, the rate at which iPad sales have been affecting PC sales has dropped significantly in the past few months.

Previous studies and numerous research firms have contended that the iPad and other tablet PC devices are responsible for cannibalising the sales of netbooks, notebooks and desktop PCs.

A poll conducted by the company back in March had found that only 14 percent of early iPad buyers had preferred to buy an iPad instead of a PC. The research firm said that the number dropped to 12 percent over the recent holiday season.

The poll also revealed that the rate at which iPad was affecting netbook sales had dropped by more than 50 percent for recent iPad buyers.

Stephen Baker, an analyst with the NDP Group said that cheap notebooks were responsible for affecting PC sales, not the iPad.

“The conventional wisdom that says tablet sales are eating into low-priced notebooks is most assuredly incorrect. The over $500 Windows consumer notebooks market is where PC sales have been impacted the most, with a 25 percent decline from October 2010 to March 2011." Baker said in a statement.