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Research Predicts Global Data Traffic To Hit 60,000 Petabytes In Next Five Years

According to a new report, global annual data traffic volume is likely to surpass the 60,000 petabytes figure in the next five years alone.

The figure, if the report is to be believed, will be seven times as large as what it is expected to be in 2011 at over 8,000 petabytes.

The revelation was made by ABI Research, a leading research firm based in New York. The report also claimed that there is a pretty good chance of the global data traffic rising at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of almost 50 percent in between the current year and 2016.

Also, according to its estimation, 2012 will witness the highest ever growth rate at almost 58%. The research firm pointed out towards an ever increasing video traffic as the primary reason behind this rapid growth.

"There are basically two types of video use cases that drive heavy traffic: clips from YouTube and similar sites that are often shared via other social media, as well as lengthier content like series and even films [...] Video and TV streaming should surpass web and internet traffic in 2015." Neil Strother, practice director at ABI Research, said in a statement.