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Samsung Galaxy Tab Will Have Android Gingerbread

According to new reports, Samsung is not going to abandon the users of its Galaxy Tab anytime soon.

The company revealed that it is going to dish out the Android 2.3 update for the widely popular 7 inch tablet. It also said that more good news could surface soon for those, expecting the latest Honeycomb technology in the device.

The Android 2.3, also known as the Gingerbread, will offer a better interface for users, at the same time adding a better copy-paste facility for the devices. The update will also bring along with it the support for near-field-communication technology.

However, the NFC support will not be much of an added advantage for the Galaxy users as the tab does not have the hardware to go along with this relatively new technology

But there is a downside too- the only way to get their hands on this update is to lean on the company’s not-so-popular PC software Kies. Also, Users have been advised not to download the updates from any third party website as it could well end up damaging the device in some form or the other.

However, some might be disappointed to know that their devices will be getting Gingerbread instead of Android 3.0 Honeycomb, which has specially been designed for tablet device.