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Super Injunction Controversy Increases Twitter's Popularity In The UK

The recent super-injunction scandal has pushed the traffic on micro-blogging platform Twitter’s in the UK to record levels, it has been revealed.

On May 9, when the super-injunction scandal broke on Twitter, online visits to the platform increased by 14 percent, accounting for 0.49 percent of total Internet visits that day, web metrics firm Experian Hitwise reveals.

The sudden surge in visitors also resulted in Twitter becoming 17th most popular website in the UK in a single day. The website was placed on the 19th spot on May 8, a day before the scandal. Apart from user visiting the platform, the site’s web ranking was also boosted thanks to all the media coverage it got.

It all started when a Twitter user decided to ‘out’ celebrities who had used the courts to procure super-injunction orders that prevented media outlets from publishing information about their private lives.

Although the Twitter user didn't name names, it was enough to arouse the interest of web users, who flooded Twitter and other social media platforms with trackbacks and blog posts about the controversy.

According to Hitwise, there were over 500 search term variations of the word ‘super injunction’ being searched on Google, Bing and Yahoo. In the last month, there was increase of 5000 percent in searches for the term super-injunction on search engines.