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US teen arrested over Facebook sex slur list

A 17-year old from Chicago has been charged with disorderly conduct after posting a list on Facebook, ranking the appearance of female students at his former school.

According to local police, the teenager - who is not being identified because he is still a minor - was arrested on Monday after handing out hard copies of the list of 50 females during school lunch breaks in January, and posting a copy on the social networking site.

The list issued marks out of ten for facial features and ranked various body parts on a five-point scale. The girls were also given nicknames such as 'The Designated Drunk' and 'The Amazing Bisexual'.

Teachers and students have responded by starting a campaign against sexism, selling T-shirts bearing the slogan 'Respect'.

In a statement, officials at the teenager's former high school, Oak Park and River Forest High, called the situation a "sad and troubling experience."

"This incident also has spurred us to review and augment our communications and educational outreach to students and families about these issues as we raise awareness and reiterate expectations of respectful behavior toward all," they said.