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What Is Better For Your Children - iPad Or TV?

It is a much-stated criticism that children are spending too much time in front of the TV screen. Will the iPad prove to have a better reputation than TV when it comes to children?

Reports suggest that kids spend about 900 hours in the classroom and 1,500 hours sitting glued to the TV screen. Many parents do not even know what their young ones are watching, so they cannot control the programmes children choose.

It can be argued that the iPad is less harmful and has more advantages for children. For example, aggressive advertising no longer reaches them, and the iPad not only offers a higher degree of portability, it has many functions children can use and has many apps for learning.

Educational apps focus on various school subjects such as languages, history, mathematics, to name just a couple of them. Free Spanish Tutor, for example, is an app that teaches you children Spanish and includes audio recordings by native speakers, tests and quizzes. Civilization Revolution teaches kids about world’s civilizations and explains their path to success.

I think iPad is a very useful tool for kids too because it makes learning more flexible and more interactive which, in my opinion, can lead to faster knowledge acquisition. Some educational authorities in the US have already recognised this, and are adopting the ipad as a compulsory classroom learning tool.