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What Can Apple Learn From Samsung Galaxy S2?

The Samsung Galaxy S2, which is viewed by many as the single phone out there powerful enough to compete with the upcoming iPhone 5, was released recently.

Looking thoroughly at what the gorgeous Android handset has to offer, it is clear that Apple will have to really stretch itself and release an outstanding iPhone 5, to equal or even better the Galaxy S2.

The biggest improvement that Apple has to implement, as we previously reported, should be NFC capability, as the Galaxy S2 already boasts this much-hyped feature.

Next, the Super AMOLED display with high resolution, live colours and contrast ratio are features that make the Galaxy S2 possibly outshine the envisioned iPhone 5 model. Although there were enough rumours about Apple increasing the size of the next iPhone version, this is unlikely to happen, as people familiar with the matter have said that, at the moment, Apple is more interested in updating the software side of things.

The fact that the Samsung Galaxy S2 has snagged 3 million pre-orders is no wonder. With a dual-core processor, the Android phone is ultra-quick, leaving no room for lagging or skipping frames during games, for example.

Maybe the fact that the iPhone 5 will be released this autumn isn’t that bad for Apple, as they get to study every move their opponents will have made.