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What Processor Does The HTC Flyer Use?

Even though the HTC Flyer tablet was released nearly three months ago, the company has yet to say which processor it is currently using. The only thing that HTC stated in its official press release is that it is a 1.5GHz part, and the product page only mentions 1.5GHz with no reference to brand or core count.

HTC is a lifelong partner of Qualcomm and unless it has shifted to another semiconductor company, it is more than likely that the system on chip on the HTC Flyer is indeed from Qualcomm (we're waiting on an official confirmation from Qualcomm).

At 1.5GHz, the Flyer is 50 per cent faster than the iPad 2, nearly twice as fast as the first one and a full 25 per cent speedier than its nearest rival, the Samsung Galaxy Tab II.

Now here's the funny part; Qualcomm doesn't have a single core 1.5GHz part. It has a 1.4GHz model which is an overclocked version of the MSM8255/8655 (and used amongst other things in the HP Pre 3) but no single core faster than that.

It does however have a dual core SoC clocked at 1.5GHz, the MSM8660, which can be found in the HTC EVO 3D. We had a brief look at the single core version at the beginning of the year at CES.

Therefore, it either means that Qualcomm has an unannounced single core SoC clocked at 1.5GHz or that HTC is using a dual core part in the Flyer tablet. We'd lean towards the latter option until we get any further details.