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Does The iPad Have A High Level Of Security?

It is true that Apple products do not offer the same enterprise-grade management tools as Blackberry does, nevertheless, Apple’s gadgets do offer a series of solid security features.

The iPad offers the best and latest Wi-Fi security standards, like pre-shared key and Radius, VPN protocols (such as Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol, Cisco IPSec or Point-to-Point tunneling Protocol) with third-party apps from Cisco, F5 Networks and Juniper giving support for SSL VPNs.

The flash drive is encrypted with AES-256 with an embedded hardware key salted with the screen-lock passcode of the device. Local data can wiped using apps such as Exchange ActiveSync and Find my iPad service or after several invalid passcodes have been entered. Good hackers can still manage to get through though, should the authentication method be weak.

The iPad security level can be strengthened by:

Activating the VPN while using public Wi-Fi connections. WiTopia and Strong VPN offer VPN accounts if you not have a corporate one,

Setting a passcode and enabling a short lock interval. An alphanumeric password is stronger than the classic PIN. And memorise that passcode!

Enabling local wipe after 10 invalid passcodes have been entered,

Setting up Find my iPad option which locates the terminal and remotely locks or wipes it,

All these simple measures could save you from a lot of trouble.