AMNews: Facebook Adopts Malign Tactics, Android Gingerbread For Samsung Galaxy Tab, David Yen Is New Server Chief Of Cisco

According to new reports, social media juggernaut Facebook has admitted of having hired a PR Firm in order to malign Google by spreading negative publicity about its privacy features. The matter came into the public domain after one blogger published the emails exchanged between him and a PR Firm on the issue.

A US based bankruptcy lawyer had his Facebook account disabled because he shares his name with the social networking platform’s founder and CEO. Mark S Zuckerberg was greeted by a message from Facebook on Wednesday that his account had been shut down as he was using a ‘fake’ identity. Perhaps someone in Facebook thought that he was imposter masquerading as the CEO.

According to new reports, Samsung is not going to abandon the users of its Galaxy Tab anytime soon. The company revealed that it is going to dish out the Android 2.3 update for the widely popular 7 inch tablet. It also said that more good news could surface soon for those, expecting the latest Honeycomb technology in the device.

iPad maker Apple has dished out new software for its Apple TV, bringing a range of bug fixes to the media streaming platform. The iOS 4.2.2 update fixes a number of bugs including the one which resulted in lack of audio while playing certain videos. According to a report on Apple Insider, although the update has been publicly termed as iOS 4.2.2, internally it is known as iOS 4.3 build 8F305.

Cisco System Inc has named David Yen as the chief of the company’s server access and virtualisation technology group. David Yen, who has previously served in Sun Microsystems as an executive is considered to be a veteran in the industry. He will be replacing Mario Mazzola, Prem Jain and Luca Cafiero, the founder of the business which eventually made the foundation of the unit.