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Apple's "App Store" Trademark Attacked In EU

Apple has been trying to prevent rivals from using the term "App Store", with one argument being that the word "App" is just too similar to Apple.

Other big players in the IT industry (Microsoft, HTC, Nokia, Google, and Sony Ericsson) have followed Amazon’s example from April and demanded that the App Store trademark be declared invalid, following an application by Apple to trademark the term in the EU.

They say that the structure "App Store" is simply a generic term for stores that offer apps and therefore does not belong solely to Apple. The decision, however, will be to be taken by the European Community Trade Mark Office.

Apple is not willing to give up their exclusivity privilege which is not surprising since there is a lot of money at stake. The company also filed a suit against Amazon in the US because it used the term App Store for its Android application online retail outlet.

Steve Job’s company has also intimated that their users will become confused if they see this term used by other companies. Is Job’s actually afraid that iDevice users will buy other companies’ apps and Apple's bank balance will be depleted?

I personally think that Apple is overreacting. "App" and "Apple" may sound similar, but "App" comes from “application”, not Apple. If the company wants to avoid user confusion they should simply invent the iAppStore or something similar.

Perhaps Google should trademark the use of the word "And"!