Bird Watchers Could Be Prosecuted For Imitating Bird Sounds With iPhone

Photographers and bird watchers have been warned that they could be prosecuted for using iPhone apps to imitate bird noises.

Bird experts at the Attenborough Nature Reserve, using apps to make bird noises in order to attract birds could distress the birds, who think that an unknown male is invading their territory, The Telegraph reports.

This could disturb the birds during the mating season, cause eggs to go unhatched and baby birds to go hungry as adult birds try to defend against a threat that doesn't exist.

Experts said that wildlife officers have prevented several photographers from using the apps that imitate bird noises and believe that repeat offenders should be prosecuted under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

“In some cases, we've had a number of people doing it at the same time. It puts the birds on the defensive and while they are defending their territory, they are not sat on their eggs," said Erin McDaid, of Notts Wildlife Trust.

"Smart phones are a great tool for recognising and enjoying wildlife, but this is one instance where they are causing a problem.”