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Clever Compression App Helps iPhone Users Stay Under The Data Cap

Do you ever find yourself going over your ridiculously frugal data cap on your iPhone?

Fear not, dear reader, because there's an app for that. Onavo cleverly runs all of the data you download through its own cloud-based compression servers before they get anywhere near your money-grubbing airtime provider.

The company reckons it can save as much as 85 per cent of your allowance when browsing the web, using Facebook or sending emails, though it won't do you a lot of good if most of your time is spent on Skype ot youtube as it can't do anything about video downloads or VoiP calls just yet.

The app will tell you exactly how much data you have downloaded, is currently absolutely free, and could even save you a few quid if it allows you to downgrade your airtime contract.